Pros and Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

Are you questioning about the possible benefits of an electric toothbrush versus a manual one? Discover the differences here and decide which one is right for you.

The type of toothbrush does not matter. You can use any toothbrush as long as they are healthy and clean. However, people are becoming partial to electronic toothbrushes. Many people believe that they are much better than the disposable ones. Is this notion accurate? Are electric toothbrushes better than the disposable ones? Here is a set of pros and cons of electronic toothbrushes pointed out by the best dentists.

Con – The Cost:

The cost of the electronic toothbrushes is way more than the disposable toothbrush. They are highly expensive; however, some models are cheap too. The initial cost of the electric toothbrush is enough to intimidate any number of people, and if some are brave enough to buy these toothbrushes, they will have to consider other expenses as well. They would have to change the brush head after every few months and believe us when we tell you that it is not cheap.

Pro – Dental Health:

The dentist informed us that these brushes do maintain your dental health. They help you in improving your dental health, and our teeth are cleaner, better, and healthier. The people who use electric brushes reduce their dental checkups and bills.

Con – Likeability:

Most of the time, people buy electric toothbrushes because they look pretty, and they are still a novelty. However, 75% of these people quit using these brushes because they do not like the experience. Most of the people are not comfortable with the vibrations it creates to clean the teeth. The vibration is, in fact, the critical factor in removing tar and plaque, but for some people, the vibrations are rather unpleasant.

Pro – Vibration:

Did you know that some people are advised to use electric brushes? The people with arthritis, especially, are told to use electric brushes because their medical condition does not allow them to brush their teeth properly. As their hand movements are restricted, they cannot clean the plaque.

Pro – Safety:

Electronic toothbrushes are much safer than the other manual toothbrushes. Some people continuously draw blood every time they brush because they brush vigorously. The manual toothbrush needs to be used in a specific way. As the electric brush does all the work, drawing blood is not a problem for many people. Electric toothbrushes are also excellent for children who are learning to brush their teeth on their own. Many dentists recommend them.