Are Porcelain Veneers Good for Your Teeth

Porcelain veneers can help people with dental defects such as teeth that are crooked, discolored, or have small gaps between them and can change a person’s smile.

Every one of us wants to look our best, especially in a world that sets many stores by physical appearance. It is no surprise that most of the people you know have complained about something in their genetic makeup but seem unable to do something about it. Moderate finances and budget constraints, lack of time to get themselves adequately evaluated, and whole other reasons spew out of their mouths whenever the subject of a makeover comes up.

The truth of the matter is, changes cannot happen unless we make them happen. Life is not having a fairy godmother suddenly appear, and with a wave of her wand, turn you into the gorgeous person on the planet. While we do have to adhere to specific monetary limits, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to work around it and still achieve the look you want.

One of the most common things people gripe about is their smile. Some of us had the misfortune of being born with crooked teeth or gotten into accidents that caused us to break or lose a tooth or two. Then again, some of us find regular brushing and flossing more of a chore; hence we come up short, especially in the smiling department.

Fortunately, some enterprising individuals invented dental advancements like porcelain veneers and a host of other modern cosmetic dental procedures that have been transforming how the world looks, one smile at a time. Check Cal Dental Group for more information about the latest cosmetic dental procedures today.

What are veneers in dentistry?

Dental veneers are customized shells made of porcelain or composite resin that fit over your teeth to improve their appearance.

These days, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got discolored teeth, teeth that are worn down or broken, misaligned teeth, or teeth that have gaps in between. Everything can be fixed by dental veneers, which are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored material that are designed to cover the front surface of your tooth to improve its size, shape, and length.

They are bonded to the front of your teeth to enhance their appearance significantly. Dental veneers can be made from various materials. The most popular of which are porcelain and resin composite materials and to know the pros and cons of each one in detail, learn more about the dental veneers at so you can decide if you want to go ahead with getting veneers or not.

Most people who go for this procedure prefer porcelain because it resists stains better and also mimics more closely the light-reflecting properties of your real teeth. Resin, on the other hand, are thinner and require less of your tooth surface to be removed. It is something that you will need to discuss with the right dentist like those who you can find at Cal Dental Group, for example, so you can get the veneers that are best for you. You can get more information and expert analysis when you check out

Some people think that getting dental veneers is a long and tedious process. Getting veneers requires three trips to the dentist’s office – one for consultation and the other two to make and apply the veneers. Once the dentist has diagnosed your problem, he or she will remove about ½ millimeter of enamel from your tooth surface and then take x-rays of your mouth and make impressions of your teeth to send to the laboratory to get your veneers constructed. After two weeks, your veneers come back from the lab, and it’s time to see if they fit.

How Do Veneers Work?

The bonding process begins when the dentist cleans, polishes, and etches your tooth in preparation for receiving the veneer. A special cement is applied to the veneer to bond it to the front surface of your tooth, and a special light is shone on it to make it harden or cure quickly.

The dentist then wipes off any excess cement, evaluates your bite, and if nothing is found to be out of place, you will be asked to return for follow-up visits so he or she can check on how your gums are responding to the veneer. Yes, it is quite a long and tedious process because of the waiting time involved. Still, when you get your veneers done by dentists who genuinely know what they’re doing like those at the Cal Dental Group.

Of course, as mentioned before, it is easy to say that you want to get veneers, but actually, to have them done is another matter, especially if you have budget constraints. These days, veneers can cost anywhere from approximately $1200 to $2600. they depend on your location and the condition of your teeth. At the same time, most people have dental insurance that can take care of a significant portion of the procedure, those who don’t opt to go to a dentist who offers extended payment options or turn to their FSAs to see if they can afford it.

Note that you will need to consult with experienced dentists who know talented ceramists to get your money’s worth and ones that won’t entail you spending more money because there were mistakes made or the veneers don’t look and feel right on your teeth. It also pays to do thorough research on your own, so see dental veneers cost at Cal Dental Group and know that you can get a great smile, especially when you know where to look or where to go to.