Top 4 Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Tourists

New York is one of the most visited cities in America. If you ask anybody planning to visit America, which cities are in his or her must-visit list, you would surely be answered with the names Los Angeles, Miami, and New York there. However, for some, the trip might end up being too costly. Thus, it is essential to figure out ways of reducing the budget.

While you are planning the trip, you must remember that a lot of care has to be taken about the accommodation. Also, the fact is that a lot of money is spent on booking these hotels. But it is possible to avail of cheap hostels in New York. This article is aimed at offering information on reasonable options for residences in New York.


If you go to Midtown, you will find many cheap options to choose from. The best thing about this area is that it has many fun bars and nightclubs in its vicinity. Moreover, it is near to 5th Avenue. To name one of them, the GEM is cheap and comfortable at the same time. Hotel cater is also a great option. You can reach this hotel on foot from the New York City Public Library and the United Nations.


Secondly, Chinatown is also a place where you shall find some affordable options to choose from. Moreover, the cheap hotels of Chinatown live up to decent standards of living. New World Hotel and the Mayor Hotel are two of the most affordable residential options for travelers. Hotel Mulberry has its branches in Chinatown as well as Little Italy in New York.


To look for an affordable hotel, you can also move to the Bronx. There are plenty of affordable hotels, hostels, and budget apartments in this area. Days Inn is reasonable in rate and affordable accommodation option situated at Yankee Stadium. Many of the travelers wish to take place near the sports arenas. Moreover, one will get to avail of a room at Days Inn at an affordable range. Another option is the Howard Johnson Inn, which is also known for the affordable comfort it offers.


For a more classy yet affordable residential option, you must choose from the opportunities offered by SoHo. One would find some of the most affordable yet fashionable boutiques of the States. It is interesting to note that many fashion designers have started their careers in SoHo. Stay at the Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel to enjoy an unprecedented traveling experience. Since the hotel is just near Greenwich Village and the NYU, visitors will enjoy the true essence of the New York culture.

You can also go for the Mercer hotel, which is also one of the artsiest residential options. The rooms of this hotel offer an overview of the city. Thus, on a concluding note, it can be said that it is not tough to find affordable and comfortable accommodation in New York. You need to know which place to look for.